October 15 - 17, 2019 | The Drake Oakbrook Hotel - Oak Brook, IL

 Nominations Now Open

NAPIM Technical Achievement Award and TAM Service Award

Online Nominations are now open for the NAPIM Award for Technical Achievement & the NAPIM Technical Associate Member Service Award.  These awards will be given at the 63rd NPIRI Technical Conference at The Drake, Oak Brook, October 15th-17th , 2019 in order that his or her peers may honor the recipient. 

To allow the Selection Committee time for their deliberations, we ask that you complete and submit your nominations no later than September 13, 2019.


2019 Technical Achievement Award Nomination

2019 Technical Associate Member Service Award Nomination


For award descriptions, past winners, and other important information, please see below:


The Technical Achievement Award

Technical achievement in the form of research, development or other technology is one of the characteristics sought in determining eligibility. Candidates also may have contributed outstanding service to the printing ink industry in management, marketing, public relations, and government affairs. Nominations are solicited from members of both the ink and raw materials industries and the final selection will be made by a committee composed of individuals from both TAM and Active Member companies.

The Technical Achievement award is awarded for making contributions to the science of printing ink formulation, manufacture or application.

See Past Technical Achievement Winners


The TAM Service Award

It is the purpose of the  TAM Service Award  award to recognize and honor an outstanding individual who, as a supplier to the printing ink industry, has played a major role in the progress of printing ink technology. 
Printing ink manufacturers, with the help of their suppliers, transform chemical raw materials into useful industrial end-products vital to the existence of the graphic arts. This complex conversion requires a high order of scientific competence achieved through research and development. New applications of raw materials, new methods of production and new achievements in performance and service to the users (made possible by the dedicated service of the supplier industry's technical personnel) have all contributed to the vitality of the ink industry today.

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